Hani Morsi

Hani Morsi is an independent consultant based between Cairo, Egypt and Ontario, Canada with over 16 years of experience in multiple sectors.

Hani’s academic background is in international development with a focus on digital research methods, social implication of networked technologies and the ethical ramifications of emergent technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data and algorithmic regulation of socioeconomic activities.  He has consulted for international organizations, NGOs, government agencies and businesses in more than five countries.

Currently, Hani’s consultancy services focus on change management, training and facilitation, reputation management and coaching solutions to SMEs, business owners and enterprises in various sectors. Hani’s current and past portfolio clients include successful enterprises in the travel and tourism, sports and fitness, building & construction and non-government organizations sectors.

Hani is a very keen multi-discipline cyclist with a particular affinity for mountain biking. He is the founder of Egypt’s first and most active mountain biking community, MTB Egypt, and for the past 15 years has actively engaged with off-road cycling and trail advocacy communities in Africa, Europe and North America.